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Sustainability at Cabot

Cabot’s Sustainability Initiatives

Cabot has been practicing sustainability since the very beginning—reimagining a former coal mine in Cape Breton and breathing new life into the land and community. We believe that the longevity of a course requires environmental sustainability and community stability. Being able to employ the wonderful people who live in these great places is central to making the operations sustainable. Cabot will continue to prioritize this ethos of building special properties to stand the test of time, and our full team remains dedicated to working in harmony with the surrounding environments in which we’re privileged to touch.

Audubon International Global Partnership

We are thrilled to have an exclusive partnership with Audubon International, an environmentally-focused non-profit organization that designates numerous certifications and conservation initiatives to protect the areas where we live, work, and play. Cabot has become the largest company to enroll every destination into Audubon International’s comprehensive Platinum Signature Sanctuary certification program.


To achieve the certification, courses must undergo a rigorous certification program and maintain a high standard of environmental quality in:


Environmental Planning

Wildlife & Habitat Management
Outreach & Education
Chemical Use Reduction & Safety
Water Conservation
Water Quality Management

“With our newly announced Audubon International agreement, we celebrate the commitment we’re making across all our properties to be at the highest level of certification, and not only golf, but the full built environment. As the golf and travel industries continue to acknowledge the need and embrace the market’s demand for demonstrable sustainability practices, we are thrilled to be at the vanguard of this important era.”

– Ben Cowan-Dewar, Cabot Co-founder and CEO

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