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Cabot Golf

World-class golf across five destinations (and counting). Working with some of the world’s top golf architects, each property is built around the golf experience, guided by the natural topography of the landscape.

Cabot Cape Breton Logo

Cabot Cape Breton
Inverness, Nova Scotia

Cabot Saint Lucia Logo

Cabot Saint Lucia
Point Hardy

Cabot Revelstoke Logo

Cabot Revelstoke
British Columbia

Cabot Citrus Farms Logo

Cabot Citrus Farms

Cabot Highlands Logo

Cabot Highlands

Cabot Cape Breton

“The hottest destination in North America.”

– Golf Digest

Cabot Saint Lucia

“It’s off-the-charts spectacular – like the 16th at Cabot Cliffs, but on steroids. You’ll stand on a tee and the waves are going to be crashing, and you’ll need to hit an incredible shot.”

– Bill Coore

Cabot Revelstoke

“This setting rivals the best in Canada—and across the world. Our goal is to create inspiring golf that will bring people together and stand the test of time.”

– Rod Whitman

Cabot Citrus Farms

“The property is a nature lover’s paradise that rivals the most spectacular sites I’ve seen across the world.”

– Ben Cowan-Dewar

“Our goal is to create unforgettable memories in magical places, and there are few places in the world more awe-inspiring than the Scottish Highlands.”

– Ben Cowan-Dewar