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About Us

We are the developer and operator of luxury residential, resort, and golf destinations. Our portfolio includes Cabot Cape Breton in Nova Scotia, Canada, Cabot Saint Lucia in the Caribbean, Cabot Revelstoke in British Columbia, Canada, Cabot Citrus Farms in Florida, USA, and Cabot Highlands in Inverness, Scotland. We continue to build upon a legacy of excellence in golf, luxury residential offerings, and boutique resort lifestyle across each unique property, where owners and guests have exclusive access to destination-specific experiences and unparalleled quality of service.

Cabot Leadership Team

Photo of Ashley Mayo

Ashley Mayo

Head of Brand

Photo of Ben Cowan-Dewar

Ben Cowan-Dewar

Founder and Executive Chairman

Photo of Ben Wescoe

Ben Wescoe

VP, Commercial Strategy

Photo of Brian Weston

Brian Weston

VP, Hospitality

Photo of Diana Duvall

Diana Duvall

VP, Real Estate Sales

Photo of Erika Hansen

Erika Hansen

SVP, Development

Photo of Hannes Portmann

Hannes Portmann

Chief Financial Officer

Photo of Heather Crawford

Heather Crawford

General Counsel

Photo of Jules Cowan-Dewar

Jules Cowan-Dewar

Chief Marketing Officer

Photo of Ken Purdy

Ken Purdy

Chief Commercial Officer

Photo of Michael Rodger

Michael Rodger

SVP, Technology

Photo of Sharon Cohen

Sharon Cohen

Chief Experience Officer

Cabot Advisory Board

Photo of Frank Geier

Frank Geier

Advisory Board Member

Photo of Gadi Kaufmann

Gadi Kaufmann

Advisory Board Member

Photo of Kathleen Taylor

Kathleen Taylor

Advisory Board Chair

Photo of Simon Cooper

Simon Cooper

Advisory Board Member

Photo of Stephen J. Dent

Stephen J. Dent

Advisory Board Member